Numerical control hydraulic die forging hammer design and acceptance standard

Voluntary standards:

Design and manufacture, assembly, testing, inspection, etc of forging hammer. based on the following:
JB/ZQ44163-95、JB/ZQ44164-95 standard
Sources of standard
GB3766-83 General technical requirements of hydraulic systems
JB2131-77 Forging components General technical requirements
GB5226-85 Machine Tools Technology
JB2738-80General Machine Tools Electricity Transmission and Control
JB2855-80 Machine Tool Painting Technology
JB3623-84 Forging Machinery Noise Measurement Method
JB1294-83 Pneumatic Forging Hammer Technology
JB8-82 Nameplate
JB2254-79 Machine Tool Rust-proof Technology
JB2759-80 Machine Tools Packaging General Technology
JB1829-86 Forging Press Machinery General Technology
JB4203-86 Forging Press Machinery Safe Technology
JB/ZQ20224-88 Electro Hydraulic Forging Hammer Reversing Valve, Hydraulic reversing valve, Hand operated direction valve, Stroke reversing valve Quality
JB/T4162-91 Ultrasound wand rolling forging method
JB/ZQ4000·9-86 Assembly General Specification
JB/ZQ4000·8-86 Pipeline and Container Welding& Rustproof General Specification
JB/ZQ4000·10-26 Painting Dressing General Specification
JB/ZQ4286-86 Packaging General Specification
JB/ZQ4000·5-86 Foundry General Specification
JB/ZQ4000·7-86 Forging General Specification
JB/ZQ4000·3-86 Weld Assembly General Specification JB/ZQ4000·2-86 Machining Parts General Specification

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