Advantage for Numerical Control Hydraulic Forging Hammer

1. Company advantage
Our company is the only forging equipments manufacturer to produce numerical control hydraulic die forging hammer. We provide the whole service such as design, manufacture, installation, testing and after sale service. We produce the C92K series numerical control hydraulic die forging hammer such as 6.3kj, 8kj, 10kj, 12.5kj, 26kj, 20kj, 25kj, 31.5kj, 40kj, 50kj, 63kj, 80kj, 100kj, 125kj, 160kj.
Our company is the only numerical control hydraulic die forging hammer manufacturer to public the Quality Assurance in China Industry News. You can trust absolutely in quality and after sale service.
Our company exported more machines than other hammer manufacturer. We exported 5T hydraulic open die forging hammer and 1T hydraulic close die forging hammer to India, Burma in 2002; we exported hydraulic forging hammer of more than six hundred thousand US dollar to India. It’s the biggest order in hydraulic hammer line in China.
We are the only manufacturer to export large hydraulic hammer to Europe (Romania), and we exported 5-8T hydraulic hammer and forging manipulator etc 12 sets to India in 2007.
Our company held the fifth customer special meeting which is biggest manufacturer in 2006. Nearly 600 representatives came from 29 provinces and cities as well as 30 foreign customers from 7 countries took part in this meeting.
Our company is awarded the high tech fast progress company by He’nan Province.
Our company drafted the national standard for numerical control hydraulic hammer, electro hydraulic hammer, pneumatic hammer and riveting machine.
Numerical control hydraulic hammer was awarded national Patent Award for 4 items (the patent No. is ZL200520128397.9 for hydraulic pressure setting; ZL200520128374.8 for vibration damping; ZL200520128395X for taper sleeve connecting hammer head and hammer rod; ZL200520128396.4 for hammer head guide)
2 Research advantage
Our company produced the first 6.3kj, 25kj double swage close die hammer in 1992.
Our company produced the first 2T numerical control hydraulic close die forging hammer in 2005.
We researched and developed the 16T hydraulic hammer from 2007.
Our company produced the first C41-2000kg pneumatic hammer in 2005.
3 Numerical control hydraulic die forging hammer.
C92K series numerical control hydraulic die forging hammer is digital control forging equipments witch can control the hitting energy. The hitting energy deviation is between ± 1.5%, it is the world advanced forging hammer. It has advantages as below:
Hitting energy and working procedure can be numerical controlled.
High hitting frequency, fast returning and longer die life.
The transplacement between topper and lower die is ≤0.2mm, protecting the precision forgings and utilization of material is high.
Adopting vibration isolation device made in Germany, reducing 80% vibration.
The upper and lower chamber of working cylinder of C92K series is hydraulic driven. The lower chamber of working cylinder is always connecting accumulator getting hydraulic oil, operation system just control upper chamber. When lifting hammer, it can realized by control valve (hitting valve) connecting oil tank return: When hitting, control valve (hitting valve) make upper and lower chamber connected, it can realized by differential hitting by area differential between rod chamber and non rod chamber. Hitting valve is controlled by two grade pilot valve, one grade pilot valve control two grade pilot valve, two grade pilot valve control hitting valve. Numerical system controls one grade pilot valve open-close time to realize the precision hitting energy.
Structure is compact and reasonable. Two upright columns and anvil is integrative and this structure forms “U” Frame, equipped with “X” type guide rail, making hammer head has reasonable clearance but don’t be easy to jam. We adopt vibration isolation device, then hitting vibration disappear to realize protecting environment and person’s health. And design the pneumatic safety pin to lock hammer head to prevent accident.
Hydraulic system and structure design is safety and credible, realizing high frequency and high precision hitting. Optimizing the hitting valve structure, under changing direction credible, assure no abrasion and good sealing. Integrated oil circuit connected, realize no pipe system, reduce leaking oil, strong the appearance specification. Also designing the safety valve, if hammer rod rupture, the safety valve can envelop the pressure oil month, avoid high pressure oil leak, to realize safe, operation credible.
Numerical control system controls hitting energy and hitting frequency by adopting control pilot valve of hitting valve open and close time. Adopting touching screen to put in and out data, set hitting energy by program, it can control oil temperature and problem checking.
4 The advantage of numerical control hydraulic die forging hammer
Realizing precision control for hitting energy
By accurately control closing time for hitting valve, C92K series hammer protected the energy right for forgings and don’t produce extra hitting kinetic energy, so some key parts like hammer rod, hammer rod and upper and lower die, its using life is longer more. Observation indicates that energy deviation control is about ±1.5%. For different height die, you can easily adjust start and end time, to assure energy accurate.
Return speed fast
Because the main fuel tank is connected with the lower cavity of accumulator, once the upper cavity releases pressure, the hammer head can be quickly lifted, so mold contact time is short. The performance and energy control are combined, forging hammer life can improve more than once.
High forging precision:
This hammer adopts “X” shape guide rail, and guide space can be adjusted very small and forging piece precision is high.
High material using:
Because energy can be controlled, a high accuracy system for billet, the edges of are evenly. Also because of high forging precision, top and bottom mold do not arise mistake, so a very high material utilization, fewer non-cutting has laid a foundation.
Low noisy:
Because the machine hitting energy can be controlled, from program to complete the forging, it doesn’t need to supply extra energy, the noisy is very little. The operators of traditional forging hammer listen to the voices of die to determine whether the forgings are completed. Sometimes because of mistake judge, operators used to hit more times, and they are actually redundant.
No hitting roof:
Through the accurate calculation and design of hydraulic damping system and hole size, making the hammer buffer from top. It is smooth and no hitting t top situation happened.
Lower vibration:
The hitting energy can be controlled by program, so no excess energy is generated. In the meanwhile, the hammer equipped with Germany isolation vibration, it will not impact on machine tools and residential around.
Environmental protection:
During forging process, the impact of noise is low, and because of isolation vibration absorber, vibration is small, which is an environmental protection product.
Forging quality is stabilization:
By the control of program controller, a wide range of forging processes can be deposited into the program. It can be called out and used at any time, so the same forging could get the same number of hitting energy and times to avoid the manual operation of the diversity and therefore forgings quality are more stable.


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