ring rolling machine D51 serials

Ring Rolling process and D51 Ring Rolling machine

Ring Rolling process is one of forging/pressing process done on a special purpose ring rolling machine to reduce the wall thichness of blanks of circular collars,enlarging both internal and external diameters and botaining a required sectional contour.
The new design D51 ring rolling machine is a new product for modern production needs,it has been developed and designed by our technical team after extensive analysis of user/customer application experience and centralized advantages of different types ring rolling machines both in domestic and overseas.
D51 ring rolling machine has a new and beautiful shape and a legerity frame with good rigidity and precision.It is sructurally compact,offers safe and reliable operation and is easy to maintain.
D51 ring rolling machine is most extensively used in bearing manufacturing.Different kinds of bearing collars,both internal and external can be reamed to finished product.The raceway and wall on the collars are also reamed into shape at the same time.
In recent years the flange manufacturers for chemical industry piping,both flanges of #45 steel or of stainless steel are using our new design type 500-1000 flange ring rolling machine.Type 500 has the advantages of good dimensional precision,good circularity and economy of material.The latest type 630 and type 800 flange reaming machines are in trial production as of now.
D51 ring rolling machine can take great benefits to you and upgrading of your forging pressing technology.

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